Friday, August 28, 2009

Niece number two is right around the corner

My sister, Michelle, is due September 12 with my second niece, Autumn. Phi Mu's formal rush unfortunately collides with her due date, so I went down to Jackson, MS to visit my oldest niece, Ava, and spend some one on one time with her before the new one arrived. The weather was perfect, and Saturday we spent wondering around the Natural Life Museum downtown and enjoying lunch at a new (very cute) Mexican restuarant. Here are some pictures from this weekend. Sorry for the late post, my computer was in the shop! Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday :)
discovering binoculers for the first time

huge frog to climb all over

cheese dip filled lunch

Friday, August 14, 2009

I love my sorority sisters

"When a Phi Mu smiles, she sparks courage and hope in your heart. Laughter precedes her, happiness walks with her, and peace follows her. She means everything to me. She is my Phi Mu sister."

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sisterly love

sweet sister love
So this weekend, I had a fun-filled and very informative Rush Retreat with my Phi Mu sisters. We have 3 new affiliates from 3 different schools, and I was so excited to meet them. We also had another visitor, Kerri, that came to visit Kappa Lambda as a chapter consultant for Phi Mu. She was so sweet, and I probably bugged her to death about what it is like to be a chapter consultant (I want to apply as soon as I get my diploma!).
Basically, what she and eleven other Phi Mu graduates do is travel the country helping all chapters with various intentions, whether it's just a quick visit, helping with recruitment, or giving tips for making Phi Mu even better for their campus. I could only imagine how much fun these girls could have with all their travels, and I could easily see why many girls apply each year. December will be here before I know it, so wish me luck!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My hair is now great (again)

Most everyone who knows me, can easily tell you that I am obsessed with my hair straightener. I would even be the first to admit I use on a daily basis. (I know. I know.)

So when I went to go see my hairstylist, Mena, this week, I cringed when she told me my medium length hair (which I'm trying to grow out) will have to loose more inches than I originally planned....all due to (surprise) my hair straightening obsession. Then she said those 5 words that made me sink lower in my seat than the though of lost inches..."give up your hair straightener."

I gave her every excuse in the book for my heating hair addiction:
1. My hair is curly...seriously, I look like a wet poodle after every shower.
2. My hair is frizzy...thank you dad's side of the family.
3. I don't know how else to style it.

That's when Mena's eyes widened with knowledge and told me that's what she was there for. Now with my hair straightener safely tucked away somewhere where I will not find it, I start my journey on the infamous blow out except this time I have to do them myself (oh how I wish I was ambidextrous right now) along with an assortment of new hair products (the only upside of this experience).

And let me tell you, as much as I did not like the wrist cracking, elbow poking way of blow drying my hair, the end was fantastic (if I do say so myself), and I cannot begin to thank the help of this miracle product enough...Moroccan Oil.
Not only did it defriz my hair while blow drying, it didn't grease it back up to make me want to take another shower. I use this DAILY now (wet or dry hair), and my hair is surely reaping its benefits. Only a little dab is needed for shiny locks.

I follow the oil with a mixture of Bumble & Bumble Straightening Cream and Bumble & Bumble Grooming Cream (for extra protection against flyaways). Blowdry and then I am done. Silky hair ready to go against this Memphis heat.

And to answer the question, do I miss my straightener??

YES. Yes, I do.

But will I be ok without it?

We will see...