Monday, June 29, 2009

a few of my favorite things

We all have one. Oprah is famous for hers. Well, I've decided to shed light on the little things that make my life even more enjoyable. :) Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

I don't go anywhere without my planner with me at all times. When it comes to knowing where I'm supposed to be (along with two dozen of soon to be new members of my sorority), I have it covered. Organization (including color coding dates) helps me breathe at the beginning of every day.

No one can go wrong with Lilly Pulitzer stationary. It's cute and it's classy. Currently Lilly was happy enough to make quatrefoil stationary for my sorority. It's on my internet-to-buy list.

MAC makeup is something I can't go a day without. I have numerous eyeshadow shades, and I collect them like trading cards. My staple shade is called "Tempting." It's a neutral brownish gold with a hint of shimmer. I would easily recommend it for any eye color.

Givenchy's Hot Couture perfume is my absolute favorite at the present moment. I received mine as a Christmas gift from dear ole Dad, and I have already used half the bottle. The scent is definitely worth going to the beauty counter for a test strip.

My Coach "Trudie" sunglasses were a steal when I found them on sale during spring break vacation. The are very remencent of the Jackie O era, not to mention with the harsh sun Memphis has seen recently, they are easy on my eyes.

My iPod touch is something I listen to EVERYday. Music is definately something that gets me going in the mornings, helps drive my car from point A to point B, and lets just face it, not everything they play on the radio stations are enjoyable.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my dreams are evolving

When I was young and times were easy, I began picturing the stereotypical visions of any typical teenager. I would, even at 18, still consider my life's order after high school as finishing four years of college, marrying a wonderful man, and becoming blessed with children. I never really envisioned my job, what I was doing at my job, or even if I liked it or not. That all changed this previous year of school (currently my last semester).

I found myself putting my future career first for once in my life. Something I knew I could only gain and carry on my own. These unexpected ideas quickly surpassed my previous conclusions. I traded my future husband for a CEO position, babies for publications, and a little white picket fence for the a glossy, company high rise. I even suggested graduate school to my near future.

But, with all futures, nothing is for certain. Never are we promised anything. We must make the best for all things, every opportunity, every twist in the road. For sometimes it takes looking at different options for us to realize what we really want.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's been awhile. A long while...

I need to continue blogging. If there's one thing I hear over and over again, it's to always continue what you start when you blog. No one likes to go to the same site that hasn't been changed in weeks. I'm sure I would blog from my phone if I actually had the Internet on it (but that's another issue).

Second thing I have learned? DO NOT GOSSIP ON BLOGS. You think that would be a simple, unwritten rule about blogs, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. Embarrassed wrong. And worst of all - fired wrong. Fortunately for me and particular coworkers, friends, family, etc., I am perfect content with my life and those being in my life. Half the time when someone gets frustrated, they vent, get it out of their system, and is done. Doesn't mean you have to post it to hang over you head for life.

Now a lesson I will teach you: the Internet is never private. Forget the goofy pictures on your Facebook or Myspace pages or rude twitter posts. Once you hit enter, it's forever...just like this blog.