Friday, February 27, 2009

Teeth Cleaners

First of all, I hate going to the dentist. I had braces just shy of two full years while in middle school, and like most kids who have had them, they will tell you to never go on a day when the dentist's assistant is having a rough one. Take it from me. One time when Nurse Gonzales had a fight with her husband, she took it out on my teeth.

So obviously whoever wrote the article "A Dentist's Office That Makes You Yearn for a Root Canal" is clearly delusional. I don't yearn anything toward a dentist's office besides the free toothbrushes.

Granted that Japanese architects created this dentist office, I expected a minimalistic, swanky version with bright colors and cascading water fountains minus the cheesy posters of perfect smiles. However, what I found as I scrolled down was the newest movie set to "Saw 316" or "Jason: Get Over It; He Never Dies." Lets just say I was less than impressed. What I found were long halls covered in concrete and rooms filled with dark shadows. The futher I scrolled the more I was thankful for my dentist's cheesy office in the states.

Plus, anyone who knows me can tell you that I've never been a minimalistic person.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Drug Goes Instant

Just when I couldn't think Starbucks could get any better - it did.

Starbucks just introduced their new line of VIA Ready Brew (i.e. instant coffee). Besides the fact that most populated towns and cities have a Starbucks commonly across the street from yet another Starbucks, now coffee junkies can have their quick fix in the time it takes to microwave a cup of water. Coming in two flavors, Colombia and Italian Roast, Starbucks produces three-serving pouches for a sweet $2.95 each.

Even better is the fact that the writers at Fast Company tried and tested the VIA against its freshly brewed Starbucks counterpart and another instant coffee to beat both in a blind taste test.

The packaging is even charming too. And for a person like myself, I would buy anything if I thought it looked cute.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama as a brand?

Ok, so my political views aside, I find the article for the Fast Company's Top 50 naming " #1 Team Obama" quite interesting.

The article states,
"The community that elected Obama raised more money, held more events, made more phone calls, shared more videos, and offered more policy suggestions than any in history. It also delivered more votes."

Of course that would be true, but as the media shouldn't we put in the record the pitfalls that Obama took action in? We all know this was an election for the record books, but how much more money did Obama raise? How many more events did Obama attend? How many more videos did his campaign produce? We can obviously look at the facts and figures in the case that Obama did receive more votes, but really, we count the simple actions too?

Cut the other guy some slack. He wasn't just a sitting duck in this Presidential election.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twitter: Cool or Just Creepy?

So, I finally took the plunge and joined Twitter. From what I hear, it's the new Facebook, as Facebook was once referred to as the new Myspace. As I eagerly awaited the approval of my name and email, I was directed to a page that asked one, simple question: What are you doing? I replied with a short response, and then......nothing. Nothing happened.

So, is this it? Do I have to add so many "friends" on this thing before I'm allowed to gain more access? Nope. I just watch my measly status just flutter through cyber space and wonder why someone would actually use this.

Actually, being a college student, I could think of thousands of reasons why someone would find this appealing. Wondering what your BFF is up to? Twitter's got your back. Curious to see if your professor is doing anything fun? Twitter's got your back. Can't get over your ex and heard through the grape vine that he is dating someone who hate and now you want to stalk him? Yes, Twitter's also got your back.

UPDATE: I am in LOVE with Twitter now! I'm inserting my foot (or should I say keyboard??) in mouth as I speak. It really is addictive and comfortingly non-creepy as everyone says it is. Follow me at

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It may take green to be green.

Of course the first thing I see when I log onto was the new "Super Green Mission One" sports bike. Created by Mission Motors in San Francisco, it claims up to 150 mph with no tail pipe or gas tank.

Being that I am currently working on a campaign for the University of Memphis to grow in sustainability, it got my attention.

Not that I ride bikes or anything.

I don't think I could crank it in heels.