Friday, December 30, 2011

This Weekend: What are ya doing on New Year's Eve?

Woah, a year flown by! I would have loved to do one of those "year in review" type posts, but um...I'm lazy.

Besides the only thing I can remember most about this year was Cory popping the big question. Listen, I've had a great year, but when your bf of nearly six years gets down on one knee, it kinda blows everything else out of the water. :)

I finally posted pictures on my facebook page...which i cleverly titled "well, hot damn, it happened."

 We have yet to master the perfect "ring pose"

As far as NYE plans go, I have none. 
 And this is what I read when I see all those silly NYE party posters...

Although I wouldn't be surprised if Cory calls me last minute to throw on a shiny dress and head downtown.
That's just how he likes to roll.

But for me, I rather just lounge in my pajamas, sing along to Zooey D., and stick with some DIY glittery nails. 

OPI's Rainbow Connection via A Pop of Color
Besides black eye peas and collard greens, what plans do y'all have to ring in the new year?


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekday Happies

 I've been enjoying my new Anthropologie boots that were a Christmas present to myself.
(Did I mention that I bought these $268 beauties for $40?)
(and I got them because a chick returned the last pair on Christmas Eve? It's a Christmas miracle!)

 I've been addicted to catching up on this show ever since I began randomly watching episodes here and there with Cory. 

 I've been working on some inspiration on how to ask my bridesmaids, and I fell in love with the font on a Zac Brown Band cd. 
Swoopy, soft, and very me.

And I've been catching up on some light reading.
Design Sponge is one of my favorite blogs, and this book doesn't disappoint for inspiration.

Just one more day until a 4 day weekend.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Goals for 2012

I've proudly kicked my nail biting habit to the curb about 2 years ago, so I rather have a list of goals I would like to start in 2012...

PS I Love You Postcard Necklace via Grigio
1. Send some love for all blogs I read. I've already started doing this one, but we all know the joyous feeling it brings when we get that little email in our inbox saying we have a new blog comment.
So I'm challenging myself - for each blog post in my reader that interests me enough to open, it should also interest me enough to post some sort of a response.

2. Find the nearest Dry Bar, and get a blow out. I know this sounds so vain, but geez, if I read one more post about it's awesomeness, I'm going to freak. Maybe I should just start generating letters to have one come to Memphis, hmm??? All I know is that if we did have one, I would be the first in line to request something a la Kate Middleton's style blowout.

3. Plan an exciting date each month for Cory and me. Sounds strange but for our work schedules being so crazy and confusing, it would be nice to say that each month, Cory and I will attempt something fun and different (that is...if I'm off and he doesn't get called in to work. lol)
Thankfully, my future MIL agreed, and bought us a gift card for a cooking class at Viking Cooking School for Christmas. Now, if only we can agree on what we are going to cook...

4. Get this wedding planning into full gear. I'm more of a minor details person, so for me, choosing the venue and the date has been the most difficult thing for me. I know this may sound strange to some, but I rather do an endless amount of DIY projects for this fantasy wedding in my head than actually going out and touring places to have it. Thankfully I have a mom with an endless amount of time on her hands to help call venues and ::cross fingers:: figure out my date.

5. Blog more. But more than just that. Try to blog more consistantly and with more substance. (We'll see how that one goes...)


Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Recap

Hello friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 
Now we can begin celebrating the 12 days of Christmas :)

Today I headed out with my sister to do some after Christmas shopping and enjoy getting out of the house.
Ava was my partner in crime. 

Michelle decorates for her church's Christmas party each year, so we were on the hunt for discounted holiday gear.
I doubt these ornaments would be next year's theme...

I know it's hard to believe that after 6 hours of shopping I didn't find anything I necessarily needed. I did, however stock up on some essentials like mascara and face wipes that were BOGO 50% off at Ulta.  

And Ava did find a snazzy pair of heels... 
(I totally would have bought her a pair if they came in her size...she LOVED them.)


Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Weekend: Tis The Season

for food,
for family,
and for the privilege of gifts. 
But more importantly, for thanking the Big Man upstairs for providing it all.

Cory's gag gift from his mom.
He love MC Hammer back in the day...

And my Christmas OOTD

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Partayyyyysss

Cory and I went to a friend's Christmas party last week.

But instead of talking about how much I drank or what I wore (bc, trust me, it wasn't anything special), lets talk more about the host and hostess' adorable Australian Shepard mix puppy.
Her name is Kozy...and I want her.
Aspen needs a friend, right??

My dad also had a Christmas party last night to exchange gifts before, oh you know, he left for a New Orleans vacation during actual, I'm not jealous. Why do you ask?
Cory had to sit this one out since he was shipped to Alabama for work, so he totally missed the Tennessee gag gift my dad bought us as an "early housewarming present" - Tennessee jersey salt and pepper shakers. Gag.
(As a side note, I don't hate on Tennessee, but Cory LOVES them and we have a small rivalry amongst ourselves ;) ).

My dad did, however, gift us with a Memphis Tiger's sign to put in our front yard.
(Much better, dad, much better.)
I'll be interested to see what Cory says about this one...

And in less than steller Christmas news, my mom fell and broke her arm while Christmas shopping.
Which left my sister and me in charge of cooking Christmas dinner...
Lets hope that the meal doesn't kill anyone. ;)

And just to end on a good note, I get to see these two tomorrow :)
Whit, aka the best aunt ever, is so excited!

Can you believe Christmas is almost here?!?
Where has the time gone??


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Going "Buck"

No, not crazy.
I'm showing some love to the "wallflowers" in my Naked Palette.
Wallflowers meaning I rarely use these shades.

As you can see, Buck doesn't get much love.

Well, until I started layering it on and discovered that it's a pretty awesome tawny brown shade.
I'm glad, because as you can see, I need to give my trusty Sidecar and Smog a break.

As a side note, my coworker just introduced me to this.
Fresh's Sugar Lips lip polish and balm

Holy smokes, this sugar scrub has been the answer to my dry lips' prayers.
And the balm feels like buttahhhhh.
The balm also comes in both tinted and clear, but as you can see in my previous photo, it doesn't make much of a color change. 


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I find the most random stuff on the interwebs

episode 1

episode 2 (my fav)

Does anyone follow @shitgirlssay on twitter?
Watch these videos, and you will more than likely want to.

Oh, man. I see this one a lot.
Mainly on facebook.
When people post things like this, it seriously makes my skin crawl. 

And last but not least, this made me all mushy inside.
Say it with me...."AWWWWW!"


Monday, December 19, 2011

This Weekend: Random Mix Bag

I went to meet this little love bug, June Claire, who was born on Saturday.
Her adorable mother is a dear friend of mine. (And I think it was perfect to have the gift of being a mother for Christmas!)
Can you tell I am already jealous of this kid's fabulous head of hair? :)

Speaking of babies, I've also been trying my darndest to find a baby Christmas present for my future sister-in-law who is expecting a little boy in May. 
Gee whiz, it is hard to shop for a boy! 
I guess it's just all the estrogen running dominant in my family that makes me drawn to the tutus and pink.

I am lusting over this blush palette from NARS. 
I was so close to purchasing when I realized I rather buy the Naked Palette Two then 6 blushes.
But boy, were those blushes tempting...

 But I did pick up a sample of Donna Karen deodorant in Cashmere MIst.
I really like this stuff! The scent is clean and light.

And regardless if you are a cat lover or not, you can't help but think this picture is hilarious.