Monday, March 26, 2012

This Weekend

 my friend Sarah made a mockingjay pin out of shrinky dinks
the women waiting in front of us LOVED it (and so did I!)

Friday, I went to go see The Hunger Games, and omg, I loved it.
Yeah, they had to shorten some parts of the book for movie purposes, 
but it still was two and a half hours of awesomeness. 
I keep hearing people talking about it being too much like Twilight, but um, I didn't see that at all.

y'all know I loved the owl cake... 

Saturday, I went to my future sister-in-law's baby shower.
Still cannot believe I will be an aunt to a baby NEPHEW come May!
I say that because there are hardly any boys in my brothers, no uncles, no nephews (yet!)

And lastly, on Sunday I spent pounding out 3.5 miles in Shelby Farms.
With this weather we are having right now, it's just too pretty to be stuck inside a gym.

All in all, I had a pretty chill weekend.
I hope you had a good one too :)


Saturday, March 24, 2012

March photo of the day {18-24}

18. a corner of your home
this is my little perfume station near my window

19. funny
Cory and I got this made on a whim while strolling Beale Street. 
I think it's hilarious.

20. before/after
Well, more like just the before...roll it up!

21. delicious
salad for dinner :)

It was right about here that I started dropping the ball...
I think I just forgot to take a picture my kitchen sink, then I started to think...
Why would I want to take a picture of my kitchen sink?!?
And the rest of the week went downhill from there...

22. kitchen sink
I was too busy admiring my quatrefoil bracelet. Love me some quatrefoils, y'all!

23. moon
What's better than the moon? 
A mockingjay made out of shrinky dink for the Hunger Games premiere! 
(and please tell me y'all know what shrinky dinks are)

24. an animal
Now we all know that this is an animal in itself.
Last night Abita Strawberry made its debut!
Yum yum.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekday Happies

 You've probably been wondering where I've been...and well, I've been right here!

Yep, I have a new job at ARP :)

which is located in the historic Collierville Town Square.

As the saying goes, do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.
And folks, I know it's rather early to say this, but...I love it. :)

And a little shout out P.S. to two incredibly awesome people, Allison and Jeff, for giving me this opportunity. 
(I know you are reading this! ha!)


Sunday, March 18, 2012

This Weekend

 Cory and I went downtown on Friday to one of his favorite restaurants, Local.
Both the Memphis Tigers and Grizzlies played that night and we lost both games. 
I was a rather bad night for Hoop City, and frankly, I had an ugly cry at the end of it all.

I ordered a Velvet Elvis to help, but it didn't really do the trick. :(

In better news, I found an adorable "mullet" dress at Target.
It doesn't help that my bracket is jacked, but I guess it'll just have to do ;)

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

March photo of a day {11-17}

 day 11: someone you talked to today
Aspen likes to argue more than talk.

day 12: fork
Hot cocoa. No fork required. 

 day 13: a sign
This 80 degree weather is a sign for me to eat TCBY.

 day 14: clouds
Sephora puts me on cloud nine. 

 day 15: car

 day 16: sunglasses
 a pair from Urban Outfitters...I paid a whopping $15

day 17: green
no pinches for me today
Target cardigan & Anthropologie ruffle top 


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday's Weekday Happies

 I've been rereading The Hunger Games on my Nook before the movie comes out.
It's been my main buddy on the elliptical machine this week.

And even though I love my Nook, I still went out and purchased a hard cover for my collection
 (& after seeing several bloggers rave over this book).
No matter where technology takes us, I will always adore the feeling and smell of real pages.

 Downton Abbey has me feeling all romantic and wishing I had an English accent.
I watch the first season on a lazy Sunday, and I am now hooked.
Not since Reading Rainbow have I been this addicted to a PBS show!

I received another handmade love note sent from my nieces 
(who love glitter almost as much as I do)

March Madness is near, and I have my fresh bracket ready to go.
Go Tigers Go!!
(And Valerie, you were right! We will be joining the Big East in 2013! ;) )

 AlthoughI haven't busted out my sandals from storage, 
I did go ahead and give myself a pedicure with OPI's That's Berry Daring.
What has you happy this week?


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: March Birchbox

I guess good things come to those who wait.
As some may know, I haven't been too keen on my box's endless stream of creams, lotions, and moisturizers.
I wanted some makeup. Some beauty. Something I actually use everyday.

For this month, Birchbox sent out an email and let us request whether we would like 
our normal subscription box or a Teen Vogue beauty picks box.

At first I thought the Teen Vogue option a little young for me, 
but then I thought that "teens" would surely not be supplied with an endless amount of skin regimens. 
So I signed up. 

And the 18 year old in me squealed when I got my box this month:

 Annick Goutal Petite Cherie perfume
a full size Essie Luxeffects nail polish in A Cut Above (pink glitter)
a full size tarte LipSurgence lip tint in Amused (a pretty, rosy pink)
Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting papers
 twistband Hair Tie (love these!)
 I would say this is hands down my favorite box thus far. :)


Monday, March 12, 2012

This Weekend

 I visited the one of a kind Mollie Fontaine's Lounge.
This antebellum home is located right across the street from where I'll be getting married,
and was actually built as a wedding present for their daughter.

While dining on cocktails and red velvet and believing I was transported back to the prohibition era,
 I listened to the bartender tell ghost stories of how Mollie's spirit still inhabits her home. 

Apparently there is even a suicide note left from Mollie herself.
 Creepy stuff, people.
Creepy stuff.

This year the CUSA Conference Championship was hosted in Memphis,
and what started as me attending only the first game turned into me watching Memphis take it all the way home.
And we ending up winning by a whooping 26 points.
After the big win, my bff, Jenna, and I grab some lunch at Huey's.

Come next year, Memphis will officially be in the Big East. 
I'm so happy that we could leave our former conference as number one. :)

And to end on a lazy Sunday, I baked myself a half dozen banana bread muffins
since I had a few ripe bananas laying around.
They were gooood.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March photo of the day {4-10}

 day 4: your nightstand
it holds a few books of mine ;)

 day 5: a smile
Ava had a permanent grin on her face during her birthday party.

day 6: 5:00 pm
I made a pit stop after work to visit some of my "friends."

day 7: something you wore
Anthropologie polka dot top, J Brand denim, 
gilded herringbone TOMS, petal pusher bag, & NARS polish in orgasm 

 day 8: window
rain, rain, go away

 day 9: red
my most awesomely red read

 day 10: loud
winning the conference championship by 26 points...yeah, we were loud.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I've always been a NARS fan, but lately, I have been loving it.
Like to the point I want EVERYTHING.
I think it's partially to blame for me following the @NARSissist on Twitter and Instagram,
and the fact that I spend every other lunch break in Sephora.
Here are some of my favorites:
Sheer Matte Glow - perfect summer foundation
Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer - I use this now and set with MAC powder
Orgasm blush - enough said

Velvet Gloss lip pencil in Mexican Rose
Larger Than Life lipgloss in Place Vendome
Larger Than Life longwear eyeliner