Monday, November 25, 2013

big, excited news

And here we are again, the beginning to another week. However, I must admit, last week was completely nuts. No other way to describe it. N U T S. But it was also one of the best weeks. Let me explain..

You remember that little tale I've probably mentioned one too many times about me traveling out of town Monday through Friday for my work gig? Well, that is now no more. Yep. Hard to believe it. And it all happened because the Memphis rep for my company was given an incredible opportunity that she couldn't pass up...and I was offered to take up her territory. Simply put, I am officially OFFICIALLY home, y'all!! I decided to celebrate by waking up next to Cory every day this past week (hardy har har)..well, with the exception of when he was out fixing planes into the wee hours of the night/morning, but you get my drift. I still get to see him on a more regular basis now, and that, y'all, that's the best feeling everrr. 

But back to my nutso week though: I spent it transitioning into my new territory, meeting with a handful of my new customers, and getting two car full loads of stuff the old rep wanted to get rid of (but I am oh so appreciative to receive). So needless to say, I've been down on my knees thanking God every night for this incredible change of events. It feels amazing to know that all the risks and changes we've made these past six months ended with us coming back home and better yet, me coming back home with my career still in tact. But then again, the Big Man upstairs already knew all of this was going to happen. God is good, y'all, God is g o o d. :)

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