Monday, April 30, 2012

paper pretties

Paper Fashion: teacups

Hello! Lucky: chairs gift wrap

 Cavallini: vintage postcards

 Oh Happy Day: paper calla lilies

 Love vs. Design: vintage recipe card printable


Friday, April 27, 2012

EmiJay hair ties & my "aha" moment

I first fell in love with Twistband hair ties (not shown) when one was given in my March Birchbox.
Y'all this thing has not left my wrist since.

Then I came across the Multitude hair ties by EmiJay at Anthropologie (which is pretty much the same thing). 
When I first saw these things a few years back, I didn't get the hype, but I certainly do now.

And by the time I finally convinced myself that I needed them, they only had headbands left. 

Hairbands...I don't wear them (unless you count the ratty one I use while washing my face).

So what's a girl to do?
Buy the headbands and cut them into hair ties, of course!
snip snip...

Boom. Eight new hair ties.

The glittery ones are my new favorites. :)

Happy Friday, y'all!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wedding: my "fine" china

Anthropologie's Fleur de Lis dinnerware

Anthropologie's Lotus dinnerware

Call me crazy, but I've always went against the grain when it comes to the traditional fine china. Instead of choosing a china pattern, I chose two styles that Cory and I could have for both entertaining and daily use. 
Now I need Anthropologie to jump on the wedding registry wagon!

What are your thoughts on wedding china?


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's Weekday Happies

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, 
you already know that Cory's sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Wesley Daniel, last night. 
Y'all, I knew I had to hurry to take this photo considering Cory is so nervous when holding little babies. 
Bless his heart! 
But something tells me that little Wes will be hanging off his Uncle Cory in no time at all. :)

Domino is back!
If you haven't read Domino, I seriously suggest you run out and grab a copy.
Next to Real Simple and Vanity Fair, it's one of my favorite magazines.
After disappearing a few years ago, it's now back as a biannual you can find at Target or Home Depot. 
Latest manicure color - Essie's Mint Candy Apple
I'm not sure if it's the packaging that is making me love Essie more than OPI right now
or the fact that my subconscious saying it lasts longer on my nails, but regardless I'm loviing it.

I may be the only one out there who is looking forward to this movie, but I don't care.
Johnny Depp. Tim Burton. 1970's.
Count. Me. In.

Same goes for this one too.

I've been pouring over my Pushing Daisies dvds, and every time I do, I 
1. pout a little inside and 
2. think, "WHY was this show canceled?1?" 
Every. Single. Time.

This was the show that introduced me to Kristen Chenoweth before her Glee and GCB days.
She's as hilarious in this as she is now. 

I found this stamp at Archivers to remind me of my Phi Mu days.
For the rest of time I'll be pointing out quatrefoils.

This book has me written all over it.
It's now on my wish list.

And this little nugget goes by June Claire, and she is the daughter of one of my good friends.
Can you believe that hair at 5 months?? She hasn't lost a single lock since she was born. 
Every time I see her, I want to take her home and claim her as my own. :)

What has you happy this week?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fashion: Turquoise (for a steal!)

Y'all already know that I love coral to welcome spring
but the warmer it gets, the more I turn to turquoise for my pop of color. 

Now I'm sure that like me, you have all been lusting over this J.Crew bubble necklace
And if you are still anything like me, you just could not justify the $150 price tag.

Well, thanks to ladies like The Small Things Blog talking about finding one similar on eBay,
 I now am the proud owner of this gem for only a tenth of the J.Crew price.

super crappy iPhone picture that does it no justice...whoops.

Yes, you got that right. I got this necklace for $15.
And I'm really pleased with the quality of the necklace. 
I might have to go back and get the black color for a more classic look.

perfect shade of I just need to work on getting a tan

And now in pay it forward fashion, I'm telling y'all to go get you one too!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Recipe: Onion Souffle'

Now I must say that this is not the most healthy recipe I've ever shared.
But oh my Lord, is this dip good.
(and that's coming from someone who doesn't even like onions!)

1 16 oz package of frozen chopped onion
3 8 oz packages of cream cheese
2 cups grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup mayo
paprika to top

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.
Mix all ingredients together and top with a generous amount of paprika (that's what browns on top).
Bake anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes depending on your oven. 
Serve with chips or crackers.

Now, I dare you not to eat it all. :)


Friday, April 20, 2012

What's In My Makeup Bag

I may have 50+ eyeshadows, palettes, and pencils to chose from on a daily basis, 
but without these essentials with me at all times, I feel lost.

I never leave the house without my...

pink glitter makeup bag by Victoria Secret
& products: 
MAC Studio Fix powder in NW25
C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve (for gloss & as a moisturizer)
Rimmel eyeliner in Tiger's Eye
NARS lipgloss in Tempest (the perfect nude)
Loreal Voluminous mascara
Kate Spade Twirl perfume sample
and a toothbrush...because you never know when you are going to need a toothbrush.

What's in your daily makeup bag?


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: April Birchbox

I don't think any other Birchbox will ever top my March edition, but nevertheless, here's the goods.

Taylor Swift's perfume, Wonderstruck
Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes
Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Mineral Tinted Moisturizer
Benta Berry G-1 Exfoliating Facial Cleanser
Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion
Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil

My thoughts on this month's box:
- I've been wanting to try these face wipes for awhile now, but I just could never justify cheating on my Neutrogena ones. And honestly, I think I like my Neutrogena ones better. They just feel more moisturizing. *And a tip for face wipes - store them face down so that the liquid remains on the top wipe and not dried out. Trust me, you'll notice a difference! :)

- I was really surprised by this tinted moisturizer. It had more coverage than what I was expecting and a smooth consistency. It probably had something to do with the fact that it's a primer, foundation, moisturizer, and SPF 20 all in one.

- Well Kahina, I don't think any oil is going to make me leave my beloved Moroccan Oil brand, but nice try!

Did you get anything differently in your BB? What did y'all think?


Monday, April 16, 2012


Have y'all ever heard of Stickygram?
It's basically a site that allows nine of your Instagram photos to be printed on cute, bite sized magnets.

I figured I would give it a go, and I was pleasantly surprised. 
The finished product wasn't as glossy as I expected it to be (like a printed photo), but all and all, I liked them.

Kind of cute, huh?

If you are interested in getting some for yourself, 
check out their might find a coupon code or two! 


Nope, I wasn't given any compensation for this review. 
Just something neat I thought you would enjoy too. ;)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

Hello, y'all!
Today (thanks to Valerie) I'm doing Lauren's Fill in the Blank Friday. :)

1.  Today is a good day because it's Friday (duh)!

2.   The best thing I did all week was work, surprisingly! I love my job at ARP, and I've also done a few stationery jobs for Zerilla Design.

3.  The current weather is cloudy, and it makes me feel sleepy.

4. The best thing about spring is the dresses!! I'm very much a dress girl, especially in the warmer months. Love the brights, the prints, and different styles.

5. A fashion trend that I'm dying to try out for spring is color blocking. Is that still the trend? I have so many prints, but I really want to invest in those pretty solids too.

6. A person who made me smile this week was Ava Grace. She thinks she knows everything at age five, and it's hilarious to talk to her on the phone. She's like a little adult!

7.  The most delicious thing I ate all week was gelato from a coffee shop in Town's going to be hard to not eat it all the time since I work so very close to said coffee shop! And I was also introduced to my first Mexican coke with pure cane sugar. YUMMMM... 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recipe: Banana Bread

They say I can make a mean banana bread.
It's no secret, really.
 This simple recipe shared from my grandmother & mother is just about as old as I am 
and has been permanently ingrained into my memory.

1/2 cup of butter (or shortening..but I prefer butter. Just trust me on this one!)
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
3 or 4 very ripe bananas, mashed
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup chopped nuts (I don't really like nuts, so I always leave them out in mine.)

Mix ingredients in order given.
Bake in greased loaf pan in 300 degrees for 1 hour or until done.

Now dig in!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter OOTD & Two Tone Nails

Hey everyone! 
Let me tell you, I've enjoyed all of your Easter recaps...good food, cute outfits, and praising some Jesus!
Love :)

My Easter plans, unfortunately, didn't quite go as planned.
You see, my youngest niece, Autumn Marie, woke up with a wicked fever, and taking one for the team, I stayed at home and nursed that little one back to health while my sister, BIL, and Ava Grace ventured out for Easter festivities. I can't lie, having a two-year-old who just wants to cuddle all day didn't ruin my plans at all. Not to mention, we stayed in our pajamas, gorged on Easter candy, and I went without a stitch of makeup the entire day. That's what I would call a silver lining.

And since I didn't wear my Easter best, I'll just save it to wear sometime this week.

 Essie, Alex and Ani, Anthropologie


Easter Outfit: Anthropologie dress, Alex and Ani bangles, 
and Essie's Turquoise & Caicos & School of Hard Rocks

During little one's nap, I went ahead and did my nails.

Sweet and simple.
I'd like to think of it as "color blocking" for your nails. :)

xoxo, Whit

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday

 I kicked off my Easter weekend by working my first event with Allison Rodgers Photography.

 We hand packaged 200 Peep s'more kits to give to the kids.
They were a HUGE hit, and I've made some estimates for next year... i.e. more, more, more!

Oh, did I mention we counted 3.335 jelly beans??
It used to be 3,339, but my coworkers couldn't help themselves. :)

 And I got to do it all with my newbie partner in crime, Kendyl!