Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't get me wrong.

Who wouldn't want to own the "cream de la creme?" To have the best. To possess something someone can drool over as they see it in your presence. But the truth is, some items are too elite to even imagine owning. They're usually items that have swanky labels and glossy price tags.

But considering the purchase of a coffee TABLE (yes, I said table) that you would have to email the the manufacturer for the simple price request is a little ridiculous, even for me. Especially if such table looks like an alien landed on our planet in it, painted it red, and called the company Established and Sons to sell it for him. Now that's something I'm not going to be jealous I don't have.

Well, that's not what I expected from reading Fast Company's article, "Zaha Hadid's Faucet Turns Us On," which depicts how I can have something that would present itself as being purchased at Established and Sons, yet is more affordable to the consumer.

And by affordable, I mean the filter for the faucet costs $30 alone. How much for the faucet itself? Oh, that's right, I have to call the manufacturer for a quote.

The cutting edge design of home products shaped as abstract paperweights is amusing to think that some people really do pay for them. Wait. They pay for just the name-- not the quality product.

On second thought, I really like the faucet.

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