Friday, July 10, 2009

Coach isn't traveling coach.

As an avid lover of Coach handbags, I was curiously surprised at the uprooting of many anti-Coach blogs and articles I have found recently. In a time of recession, we should all find ways to cut back our spending habits, and I find Coach to be one indulgence that does not hit my wallet as hard as my other favorite lines. But as I read them, I understand the new dislike of not the genuine Coach that we all know and love, but rather the marketer's new demographic reach for the Coach line called "Poppy."

"Poppy handbags, like most Coach bags, come in bubble gum palettes, metallic,
black and white, and signature and carry the ubiquitous logo. A mishmash, too,
of swing packs, rainbow and peace-sign charms and wristlets, "graffiti" scarves,
flower-shaped rings, headbands, and sequined ballet flats, the line in part
recalls '80s-counterculture-nostalgia crossed with Juicy Couture and Hello

Now being 22 years old, I realize not to purchase handbags in the ranges of a 15 year old demographic. As I have gotten older, I seem to like the nice clean patterns of bags I hope to use for years to come (which Coach still designs) instead of the "trend alerts" of the changing seasons. (Although, that's not to say I do not like some trends.)
Not all Poppy handbags are distasteful. Actually, there are only a hand full I can actually say I dislike. The solid bright patent colors of some of the bags could be well worth a teenager having and getting away with. Just please ladies...don't let me spot you carrying a hot pink patent leather Poppy bag over the age of 18. Pretty please.

Special thanks for the Preppy Princess blog in allowing me to find the followup for Reuters blog on Coach handbags.

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hi! Just thought I would stop by and say Hi! I love meeting people from TN! (p.s. coach is my weakness too) I am now a follower :D