Monday, June 14, 2010

Week in (Picture) Review

This past week my sister dropped off my two nieces to have a mini vacation with my BIL. During that week I also download a new app on my iPhone called Hipstamatic, and it is no short of amazing.
So without further adeu, I will give you a week recap of (some) beautifully creative photos (at least in my opinion):

It all began with giving the girls a "Pink Margarita" pedicure.
And serving up our favorite popcicles.
Playing outside until we were dripping with sweat. Ava was followed by Sam the cat, also known as her shadow.
Country girl enjoying the outdoors
Blowing bubbles
Topped off with a girls night swimming and watching "Leap Year."

I also participated in my first ever Memphis "tweetup" with the lovely girls Southern Belle, Delta Daisies and Love By the Cross. It was so great to finally match a name with a face, and we spent the whole evening gushing about our boys, Southern Belle's new engagement ring (which was gorgeous by the way!), and what we do when we aren't stuck on twitter all day. :)

How's was ya'lls week?

1 comment:

SouthernBelleJM said...

Ok, first I need this app. Those pics look great!

Secondly, I just loved y'all. We need to do dinner again soon:)