Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Memphis In May

Or Memphis In Mud as the locals call it.
Seriously, it rains every year.
But that doesn't stop me for seeing some incredible bands on the cheap during the whole Beale Street Music Fest weekend.

Most of the time we had sunny skies and a nice breeze. Friday I took a chance and decided to wear what I would term a "cute outfit" knowing that this day would be the only day for it. And the best part of the whole night? The bands giving us play by play of the Grizzlies game going on down the street between set changes. AND THE GRIZZ WON. We beat out the number one seeded Spurs. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Yes, Memphis, we do believe! Then on Sunday we beat the Thunder in the first round. Yahoooooooooooooooo.

Bands We Saw:
Cage the Elephant
MGMT (came with a pretty neat light show)
Mumford and Sons
George Allman
The oh so lovely Scott Avett.


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Christin said...

Cute pics! Glad you had fun!