Monday, January 14, 2013

I need some help, y'all.

As silly as it sounds, I have a confession. Nearly seven years have passed since I've met and began dating my husband, Cory, and up until a few weeks ago, I had yet to cook for him. Not even once. The truth came out when Cory mentioned he would like to come home at least one day a week and find a home cooked meal waiting on him instead of finding me with a bowl of cereal in my hands and that look of "it's every man for himself in this household." 

So I cooked him a meal..well, cooked would be a very loose term. To risk grossing y'all out, I didn't fully cook the meat to stuff in my manicotti. And he might have gotten sick the next day...bless his heart, he swears it wasn't me.

And to think, I thought I was in the clear after such a long, successful, cook free rate of seven years. Well, here comes my second confession. I don't know how to cook. Ya'll. I'm a baker. Not a cook. I'm known for making pies and banana bread...although I do make a mean breakfast. (Favorite meal everrr.) But cook, I am not. 

So I need y'alls help. Will you help a girl out and send me some recipes? Preferably something I can make in both a veggie (me) and a meat (him) version. And this time, Cory has requested we cook together.. ;)



Lindsay said...

Here's a recipe that's super easy and delicious: - I made this last night, and since I was using left over chicken that was already cooked, it took all of 15 minutes to throw together. It could easily be meatless, just add more veggies! If you haven't already, check out Iowa Girl Eats. She has LOTS of good recipes, that are generally fool-proof. Good luck!

Kelly said...

I would be lost without Pinterest! You can find so many good recipes there for both you and Cory :)


Pamela said...

I wouldn't know what to do without my crock pot! It's nice to come home from work & dinner already be done for you :)

Valerie Griffin said...

Pasta & pizza are super easy!

For pasta: just pick out the kind of noodles you want and grab a jar of your favorite sauce! Then just follow the instruction on the box to cook pasta. Mix cooked noodles and sauce, then stir in meat for him and veggies for you!

& Pizza is even easier! Buy one of those crust mixes that you just add water too! Then all you need to sauce, cheeses, and toppings!

BelleinBows said...

I have deemed myself and unprofessional cook. What you need is two things, a slow cooker and Pinterest. Look up Mississippi Roast on Pinterest. I made this last week and Gavin thought I hung the moon. Plus it's so easy, I put the roast over No Yolk Noodles.
You will find all kinds of easy peasy recipes on Pinterest! Good Luck!

Holly said...

We do a lot of pasta here! Spaghetti is so simple. Just like Valerie described it is how we make it. We use two different types of Prego & add in ground beef. You can add in extras like mushrooms or onions even peppers!

We use the crock pot a lot too. Don't rule out chili because you can make a veggie chili too & potatoe soup is one of our favorites! Here is our chili recipe (feel free to tweak it to your satisfaction & be warned we like it to have a little spice)

1 pound of ground beef
2 (16 oz) cans chili beans (we use Bush's - medium)
1 (28 oz) petite diced tomatoes (we like the great value brand because the tomatoes are smaller)
1 (10 oz) can of Rotel Chili fixins
1/2 packet of chili seasoning mix (we use Tex Mex flavored by McCormick)
We also use about 1/2 an onion & 1/2 a green pepper to give it extra flavor.

Cook on medium for 3-4 hours. Add cheese, sour cream, etc at the end.

Mrs. in Memphis said...

Girl get yo-self a crock pot! ;)
Here's one of our favs...the hubs swears it's his fav comfort food meal now!

Kristin said...

haha I suck at cooking.... but tacos... chicken and mashed potatoes, steak isnt too hard either, and pasta. those are the staples