Saturday, February 9, 2013

a child's logic

There is something about being around a child that I find myself thinking "I should write this down..this is hilarious"...and I never do. Until today.

You see, I've been babysitting my three year old niece, Autumn Marie, for the better part of two weeks (I've been traveling the Jackson area), and what I've noticed is that she lovvvves playing dress up. It's her favorite part of any day. In particular, she rotates between being a purple and pink princess and twirling around as Snow White. Y'all, let me tell you, when I say she lovvvves these dresses..I'm talking hard core, she going to sleep in these dresses SOHELPMEGOD love.

her two favorites

So one random day as Snow White, her dad jokingly asked her which princess she was dressed up as..
"Are you Cinderella?"

Are you Ariel?"

That's when I chimed in..
"Wait! You must be Pocahontas!"

"How about Sleeping Beauty??"

By this point, she was getting a good kick out of this so then we finally asked her..
"Well, who are you then???"

"I'm Autumn!..duh."


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