Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my dreams are evolving

When I was young and times were easy, I began picturing the stereotypical visions of any typical teenager. I would, even at 18, still consider my life's order after high school as finishing four years of college, marrying a wonderful man, and becoming blessed with children. I never really envisioned my job, what I was doing at my job, or even if I liked it or not. That all changed this previous year of school (currently my last semester).

I found myself putting my future career first for once in my life. Something I knew I could only gain and carry on my own. These unexpected ideas quickly surpassed my previous conclusions. I traded my future husband for a CEO position, babies for publications, and a little white picket fence for the a glossy, company high rise. I even suggested graduate school to my near future.

But, with all futures, nothing is for certain. Never are we promised anything. We must make the best for all things, every opportunity, every twist in the road. For sometimes it takes looking at different options for us to realize what we really want.


Southern Belle said...

Thanks for reading my blog!!!! I thought Phi Mu was a sorority. LOL=) Enjoy college while you can and take the Summer after you graduate off. Go travel, be umemployed, have fun. You'll never get those days back!!!

Whitney said...

Thanks for your comment! My first! haha Yeah, I think I wrote this in a time of desperation, because I realized my dad can't buy me everything my whole life! haha And yes, Phi Mu is a sorority, but since we were founded in 1852 before the word sorority even existed, we went by fraternity. I guess to keep up with tradition, I kept on here the correct way! Thank you again!!

Southern Belle said...

Ha, that's funny. And, who would've guessed I have a degree in English; since, I misspelled unemployed!!!!