Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween fun

Halloween doesn't just have to be about dressing up and parties, does it?

In order to try something new this year, my boyfriend, Cory, and I decided to have a nice date night and carve some pumpkins. Much smack talk later, we decided to make a contest out of it...you can decide the winners.

Of course, I think MY pumpkin carved to resemble a ghostly castle looks the best. That being said, I did have the unfortunate mishap of a steeple breaking off and having to work around the disaster.

Errie I know...

Cory chose to do a weird face peering out from behind blinds. Eh, his is ok....

Eh, I've seen better...

Also, I heard from my sister that the Halloween costumes she made for my nieces were a huge hit. My sister is pretty dang creative as you can see.

Ava Grace, the little ladybug
And what could Ava Grace be paired with other than her little sister, Autumn Marie, as a potted plant??
The cutest sunflowers I've ever seen.

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Amelia Catherine said...

I hate to say it, but I like Cory's pumpkin. Your's is good too!! :) & the halloween costumes are adorable!!!!!