Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"T. I. G. E. R. S. TIGERS"

Let me first explain that I was about a hair away from going to a SEC school, namely Ole Miss. But silly me stayed here for a boy, and although the boy is long gone, I have grown to love the decision I made many moons ago.

If I wasn't for him, I would have probably never attended the University of Memphis. Imagine my Dad's side of the family when they heard the news - they are all HUGE Memphis fans! (My Mom's side is the lover of Ole Miss Rebels) My grandmother, who played basketball in high school, has been a fan of the Memphis Basketball program since the mid 1950's, promptly raising us to sit in front of the TV each season to watch our team get better and better.

Now, I've told you that to tell you this....any Memphis fan can tell you about the heartbreak we received when our beloved Coach Cal decided to leave us. It wasn't until later that I finally realized that I was a TIGERS fan - not a COACH Cal fan. We have done great things before him, and we will do great things after him. Coach Pastner has shown superior effort for this team, and I see this season as a great successor for the "Coach Cal Era." The Tigers' 2010 class has already been ranked No. 2 by Scout.com, No. 2 The Sporting News, No. 2 by Rivals.com, No. 3 by ESPN and No. 3 by Prepstars.

Now, I've heard a lot of smack talking for opposing fans about how Memphis will get their butts kicked during tonight's game versus number one basketball team, Kansas. Whether or not that's true, remains to be unseen.

Win or lose, will I still be a tiger fan? Why, of course!

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