Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter Chicks

While I am still adjusting to working 40 hours a week, I was fortunate enough this year to have the Easter holiday off. I spent  the beautiful day with none other than my two nieces, and I decided to show you some of their adorable pictures. Hope ya'll enjoy!

sweet cheeks!

Ava Grace is getting so big!

This is "bear" and she never goes without her.

Oh, if she was only sweet to Autumn Marie like this all the time...



Simply Me said...

love your blog!!

tickledpink said...

They are adorable, and their outfits are precious! How are you liking your new job?

Kayley said...

What cute little girlies! Nieces are the best :)

ChatTeaKathy said...

sooooo stinkin cute!