Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If your mother is anything like mine, she is difficult to shop for. Unlike the woman who has everything, my momma is in fact the most minimalistic person I know (we are nothing alike obviously), and she is totally content with keeping it that way.

Still, what kind of daughter would I be if I did not get her a little something something on her day of days? Plus, I also do my two baby nieces a favor by getting my sister something "from them" on Mother's Day as well.

Here's some ideas I came up with:

Capri Blue Candles

Ya'll should already know from here that these are my favorite candles hands down.

Although the original Mississippi poured candle includes the choice between a red or blue glass jar, for the mother's who want something more chic, you can also choose between the 3 beautiful designed jars above.I personally adore the Volcano scent the most, but I can honestly say Aloha Orchid, Island Song and Peeled Navel Orange fragrances are wonderful as well.

Mistral Shea Butter Soap

My mom loves the sweets! Cakes, cookies...especially ice cream...what would be a better gift than something she loves homemade?

Right now, I'm still working on a gift for my sister. I'm thinking of maybe a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store??

What are ya'll getting for your dear mommas this year?

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Hilary said...

Could not agree more - those are the best candles around! They are my go-to gift for any person - always a hit!