Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm a Year Older...and Hopefully Wiser

I had my 24th birthday recently, and I celebrated the whole week with none other than with my best friend, Jenna. She just so happens to have a birthday 4 days after mine.

Ever since we've met, we have shared our birthday celebrations together. And the best part...I can see us doing it when we are way into the ages we wont want to even announce. 

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect, low key birthday. I think I've hit that age where it's no longer about the gifts I receive or how many people wish me birthday on facebook (cheesy, I know, but think about it). I measure my birthday by the love I have in my life (because, believe me, I have a lot) and maybe by the numbers of homemade cupcakes I have consumed this week (because it may just be an equal amount!). 



BelleinBows said...

I love this post. One positive about getting older, is you realize who and what are important. Happy late birthday :)

tickledpink said...

Happy belated Birthday! Glad you had a wonderful celebration with the ones you love!:)