Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Pending Book List

Right now, I have too many books and magazines to read. And I thought those words would NEVER come out of my mouth. 

Because my mom is great, I get monthly subscriptions to the likes of VOGUE, Cosmo and  Marie Claire. I literally have 20 to 25 unread magazines gathering dust on my bookshelf...and I have no clue why. I even still have the coveted September VOGUE issue still in it's packaging.

I've also gone through a phase of purchasing books and hoarding them. I think my reasoning is that I read so fast, I try to savor each book I actually purchase. Unlike the books I find at the library where I can easily get 3 or 4 and read them within two weeks time.

But some books you just can't find at the library (especially the new ones)...hence why I still buy books. Here's what I have on my already purchased reading list:
1. The Help - Katheryn Stockett (recent birthday present from C)
2. The Girl Who Played With Fire - Stieg Larsson (currently reading the first chapter)
3. Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert (bought because of the hype...hope I like it)
4. World Without End - Ken Follett (bought ages ago after I finished Pillars of the Earth, and I still need serious time before reading another encyclopedia)
5. The Big Ass Book of Crafts - Mark Montano (another birthday gift from C and granted, I don't have to actually "read" this one, but I can't wait to use it!) 

I've also made a point to read through Oprah's Book Club. Strangely enough, I was watching one of her final season episodes a week ago when I got the idea, and she mentioned her new book selection. That's actually how I found out about Pillars to begin with. Now, me and Oprah, we might not agree on everything, but the girl can choose some literature.

What are y'all reading? Have you read anything on my book list?


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SouthernBelleJM said...

Read The Help...loved it. Read The Girl Who Played With Fire-thought it was okay. Read World Without End in one day-LOVE.