Friday, May 18, 2012

Review: May Birchbox

 I could tell from the black packaging that this May's Birchbox was a going to be a little different.

Then when I figured out this month was Gossip Girl inspired, I became giddy...
..those gossip girls don't use hand creams!!
(Y'all all know I can get crabby over the excessive amount of hand creams I've been given in the past.) 

But alas, here's what I got:

Arquiste | Flor y Canto perfume
Caudalie | Hand and Nail Cream (not shown)
FusionBeauty | LipFusion Balm
Ojon | damage reverse Restorative Conditioner
Birchbox | notecards

Thoughts this month:
- Where are my Lauduree macarons? Blair's favorite Chanel gloss? Serena's self tanner? Yeah, that's what I expect in my GG box...
- Another friggin' hand cream. Enough said. Not even shown...that sucker went straight to my momma.
- While the XOXO card is adorable (love the quatrefoil!), I plan on sprucing it up with a little glitter. Would I spend $10 on 12 of these? Nah.
- The lip balm was nice and had a good timing considering I have only a nub left of my Blistex tube.
- I love the Ojon brand but considering I use so many other products to help protect my hair, I really couldn't tell a difference. 

What did y'all think of your GG box? 
Get anything different? Let me know! 



Britt said...

I got a couple different items in my Birchbox this month and they weren't anything special. I was pretty disappointed too!

southernbellejm said...

I'm waiting on mine to get here. I'll let ya know:) Although, I'm *pretty sure* this will be my last box. I haven't been that impressed...