Monday, June 18, 2012

now back to your regularly scheduled program

Hiiii there, friannnns. 
Long time and almost no chat. 
Sorry about that, folks. Seems I've dropped the ball in keeping y'all in the loop.

Things have been quite busy around my neck of the woods: work, planning a wedding, planning a bachelorette party for one of my own bridesmaids, and having a pup and fiance' that lovesss to spend their time with me....all of this certainly makes the time fly by, I tell ya!

But in a nut shell, this is what I've been up to:
Another insanely talented friend started her own blog, Dueling Mediocrity
If you like beauty, cool tunes, and maybe a little bit of snark thrown in, you will love Alli.
Trust me, she's taught me a thing or two!

My coworker, Molly, and I are now officially obsessed with the song "Call Me Maybe." 
What used to get on my last nerve I now find hilarious with the rewritten lyrics by @hipstermermaid.
Some of my favorites include:

And this upcoming weekend I'll be traveling to New Orleans to celebrate Kristen's bachelorette!

Plan on seeing many videos of "Call Me Maybe" to ensue on the six hour car ride down there.
Something along the lines of this one...and yes, we have been practicing for this.



brynn said...

bachelorette parties in NOLA are THE BEST TIME EVERRRR. so jealous!

have a few hurricanes for me :)

M said...

haha i love that youtube!

Kristin said...

that video is hilarious

Kristin said...
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