Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Weekday Happies

Checking the mail is much more fun when you are given packages wrapped with kraft paper, twine, and a little bit of confetti...especially when you know the package you are receiving are your first year Christmas cards :)
The Mulled Wine candle is found at Anthropologie, and is one of my absolute favorite holiday scents. 
I couldn't choose from two "our first Christmas" ornaments (truth be told, I wanted something with a wedding cake and "our first Christmas" written on that so much to ask?) and in Cory's logic..."why not keep both?" 
I knew I married a keeper ;)

About three years ago, I started my own little tradition of gifting my family and friends' presents in owl wrap.
I have to say this particular owl has been my favorite.  

And my darling niece, Ava G., who is quite a little artist now, gave me a homemade Christmas card this year. 

Just a few more days until Christmas!!



Glitterista said...

Love your married ornaments! I adore the cake one, do you mind sharing where the gem is from? Thank you! ;)

Kate Kubler said...

That wrapping paper makes me want to punch someone it's so cute. newest follower:) used to work at ARP!