Tuesday, September 17, 2013

this weekend: Autumn turns FOUR

This past Sunday my youngest niece, Autumn, turned four years old. It's hard to believe that the tiny bundle my sister brought home has now become this little lady who loves to play dress up and dances around with anything resembling a tutu. 

And in these four years something crazy happened. With each passing day, she looked more and more like..well..me. Now this may not sound like something off the wall and crazy, but you have to realize my sister and I don't look alike. She has black/brown hair, brown eyes, and an olive complexion. She favors my mom. I, on the other hand, favor my freckled, fair faced, blue eyed dad.  

Michelle, who is ten years older, says she is reminded daily of what it was like growing up with me, looks and personality wise, while with Autumn. Lets just say Autumn and I have a way with convincing others that our way is the best way...and we don't like taking no for an answer. My poor, poor sis. ;) 

I don't think I will ever have a child of my own that looks and acts like me more than Autumn, but in a way, I'm ok with that. I think two of us in one family is quite enough! I love you, little bean. You and your sister make my world go round. 
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