Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stress Mess.

I found an article of the "Six Traits That Separate the Achievers From the Wannabes," and really, at this moment, I am feeling much more like a sad, little, wannabee than those successful achievers. Not to complain, but it is simply for the fact that all my professors love to send me with parting gifts known as finals, and I am way over my head in work. Never have I been so excited for summer vacation.

The one trait Cheryl Dorsey is preaching to me is number four.

"Asset based thinking. 'Most of us (are) deficit based thinkers," Dorsey said. "But
instead of seeing the world as filled with problems, they see opportunities.
They see the glass as half full, and execute against all odds.'"

Maybe I should become more positive in my role as a college student. Why, in fact, most people never even had a chance for a college degree. And all of these projects might give me an insider's taste into the real word of working. And with such a positive attitude, I surely will make all A's.

There. I feel better already.


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