Monday, February 15, 2010

What are YOU giving up?

Yes, tomorrow marks the first day of preparation for the Holy Week (aka Easter). Here is this year's list of accomplishments I hope to redeem at the end of the 40 days of Lent:

image via Confessions of a Shopaholic
1. Impulsive Purchases
I know, I know...I buy wayyyyy too much stuff (i.e. MAC makeup and hair supplies), and I need to finish using what I already own. So for the duration of the period I declare a ban of any purchase toward MAC cosmetics or any hair styling products (and trust me...I won't run out).
2. Dr. Peppers
Anyone who knows me, can tell you this is going to be difficult. I've always said I would drink more water if said water would taste like a Dr. Pepper...but all in all, I think this is the best way to curve my addiction. But here's some ground rules for me: it's Dr. Peppers/Cokes/soda crap I'm giving up. I could never go a day without some type of caffeine running through my system. That's just plum crazy.

And may I remind you, dear readers, that Lent may forever be known as a period of doing without silly indulgences for 40 days, but in reality, it's a period of acknowledging what Jesus ultimately gave up for all of us. 

In turn I encourage each and every one of you to at least try one of these 3 things this Lent:
1. spend 40 days giving something up
2. spend 40 days giving back  to your community
3. spend 40 days encouraging others around you

And I end with asking, what are you giving up this year?

God Bless and Happy Lent,

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emily☆ said...

I think I should give up shopping for lent. . it seems I use it as a time filler for when I'm bored and then I make purchases that I never intended to.

Good luck with what you're giving up!