Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Recap

Y'all I was truly blessed this Christmas. 
I got to spend this time with loving family members, dear friends and coworkers, and PRAISE THE LORD, Cory wasn't called in to work on some dang plane.

Speaking of Cory, I was really excited this Christmas considering he bought me a surprise this year. This coming from a guy that would rather be told what to buy, I was shocked. 
But I was even more shocked to see what he bought me for Christmas. 
The boy really does know how much I love to read. And I'm so glad I didn't buy the Fall of Giants like I had wanted a couple of days ago. I purchased it for half price on this thing! Now I'm ready to go and buy this for it. 

Cory was also very happy with all the surprises I gave him this year. His favorite was the Vibram Five Fingers KSOs. 
This was taken after all the Christmas shinanigans were over with...
and my bag still smells like a bar.
 Mini photoshoot with baby girl, Aspen
 This is Cory's favorite
And this is mine

Of course, Ava Grace and Autumn Marie had dozens of presents under the tree this year. I purposely wrapped each one individually just because I know Ava's love of tearing into all that paper. 
This kid cracks me up.
My mom and Autumn decided to collect all the bows in their hair.
I love these two little bows in her hair.

Regardless with your affiliation with Christmas, I hope you and your families have had a wonderful and blessed holiday. 


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