Monday, December 20, 2010

Eyeshadow Lust

Ok, so I might be a dollar short and a day behind in the beauty world, but I'm lusting over this right now. 

Urban Decay's (Infamous) Naked Palette 

Granted, I've never owned a single Urban Decay eyeshadow...or Urban Decay anything for that matter, but when all I hear about is this deadgum palette like it was made from Jesus himself, it makes me want it...BAD. 

One of my favorite beauty bloggers, Lollipop26, did a video showcasing it. That's where the wanting turned into needing.

Like I really need another brown eyeshadow...but seriously, when something goes into rarity, I have to have it.
And yet now, no one seems to be able to carry it in stock. I check Ulta and Sephora and all they have is the sad little empty space saying it will come be filled again soon.

Does anyone have this palette? What did you think?  



Kristin said...

I lusted over it for months while it was out of stock at urban decay AND Sephora! Finally got it in November when Sephora re-stocked. It's amazing, and totally worth it! I am usually a MAC girl but these eye shadows might change my mind. I have already taken it with me on one long weekend and its the only eye product I brought. Love that I can do so many things with just one product.

The best part to me is that its 12 full size eyeshadows for $44!!! At mac, 12 full size eye shadows would cost me triple that!

Whitney said...

Oh man, now I REALLY need this! I'm a MAC girl too, and I'm really excited to one day get my hands on it :)

Kristin said...

Not sure if you are interested or have already found one, but Sephora just sent me an email that said that limited quantities of the palette are back in stock!! I already have mine but I thought of you. Happy New Year!

Whitney said...

Thank you so much for the head's up, Kristen!