Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve Plans

I'm doing something completely out of the norm this year for NYE.
I'm doing absolutely nothing. (and I'm ok with it.)

In the five years Cory and I have been together we have done it all: the parties, the dinners, the downtown dancing, crazy scene.
And for some reason I realize, always after the fact, that I was freezing, my feet hurt, and I was questioning why I came out at all.

Cory received a pair of tickets this year from his parents for the Music City Bowl in Nashville that his beloved Tennessee Volunteers are playing at. At first I thought, daggumit, we aren't going to spend NYE together (long story short = I'm not exactly a TN fan and will not be joining him for the game), but then I thought, "well, maybe this isn't going to be so bad." 

So my NYE plans are as follows (cue the lame music sequence):
- catch up on some much needed tv time (I heard My Strange Addiction was a hit!)
- maybe grab some dinner with friends
- hang out with Pops, which by the way will be his birthday on 1.1.11. I always thought it was cool my dad was born on NYD, and speaking of which, we will be headed out to watch our wonderful Memphis Tigers play tonight as a birthday gift. I'm calling it a dad and daughter birthday date. :)

What are y'all's plans for NYE?


M said...

The girls and I are having a slumber party....4th grade style :)

Rachel said...

I'm just hanging out at home. I get so stressed out driving in traffic for events like NYE, haha.

Christin said...

I totally understand! Relaxing on NYE, I've found, is always the best. Enjoy!