Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mirror Motivation

I'm sure everyone here has had some form of what I coined as "mirror motivation" in your lifetime. Living in the sorority house for two years, I had a whole whopping house full of it.
What is mirror motivation you ask? It's simply taking a dry erase marker and writing a quick note to your roommate, leaving your favorite quote to support a friend, or having a countdown to something exciting coming up, etc.
My roommate and bff, Jenna, would love leaving me mirror motivation. Actually she was the first person I ever received it from. And she chose to put it in one of my favorite morning spots in desk makeup mirror.
I used this mirror every day while getting ready for school. If I ever had a bad morning or wasn't feeling good, her simple two word message always made me smile. Granted she didn't use a dry erase marker; I think it was one of those pens people use to write on cars. So I still have it stuck on my makeup mirror, almost three years later. 

After that our bathroom mirror would have a quote probably once a week with great sayings and positive outlooks. Geez, to be a college student again. Le sigh.
With that being said, I was cleaning yesterday when I found a lonely dry erase marker and all these little memories, special only to me and a select few, came creeping back. 
And I wrote this on my mirror.
It will be another 77 days until my next vacation to the beach. And no, I'm not sending this message to myself as a way of working out every deadgum day to make it to my beach body. It's rather a small message that I have 77 days to smile, to work hard, to do what needs to be done before my next break to relax, and to make each day I'm here doing ordinary stuff the best it can be.  



Rachel said...

I love doing that! I'm glad that I have a name for it now :)

Whitney said...

Love this idea!

Mrs. Chip said...

I leave Ben messages on the bathroom mirror quite often - although they aren't usually motivational... they are more like "Hey, don't forget to grab milk on the way home" :) I just like to leave it somewhere that I KNOW he will see it! haha