Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where Did You Get That App?

I think our phones say a lot about us as individuals. I could probably take your phone, look at your apps (and where you place those apps) and music, and could probably tell you your future. Just kidding. I'm not that good.
Like for example, myself: I'm addicted to my Echophone, Facebook and photo apps. LOVE.
But, anyways, thanks to my friend, Lindsay, and her blog over at Color Me Southern for the inspiration, I figured I would give you a list of some photo apps I have on my phone (other than the given Echophone and Facebook), and in turn, learn about some really cool apps from you. 

Hipstamatic - $1.99
This was the first photo app I ever purchased, and I love it. It lets you choose what camera you want to use, what film you want to use, and even selected edging. The combos can be endless.
IncrediBooth - 0.99 cents
I used to be obsessed with taking photostrips in the movie theaters. Well, I still do. This is just a tad bit cheaper.
ClassicINSTA - $1.99 (also comes in a free version)
This is similar to the Histamatic, but it only allows you to change the film cartridge. You can add many different hues to the photo, and also allows you to add any of these changes to photos already on your phone. It also puts a nice, clean border around the photo.
 Old school Whit rocking some bangs and hanging out with my Papaw
Cross Process - 0.99 cents
This came as a suggestion from my dear friend, Molly, who is a photographer, and this is quite possibly my favorite photo app I own. If you can only download one, download this one! For those who do not know, Cross Processing creates unique colors and contrast to your photos unlike regular film. Some of the photos you will take with this will look funny, but the majority will look gorgeous. 
Make sure you check out Lindsay's blog. She has even more suggestions from her phone. What are some of y'alls favorite apps? 



CMae said...

You have saddened me even more LOL because I have a funny feeling these are only IPHONE apps!!! :( I have the EVO for sprint which I LOVE but the photo apps just don't compare!!! I have to have the best too since I majored in photo in school!

CMae said...

I emailed you back!!!! I am writing you back on here bec I am worried it went to your spam box!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

I have a Droid and am totally obsessed with my Taskos (to-do list) app and Shazam app! That ClassicINSTA is totally awesome!!

tickledpink said...

Checkout Instagram! Set your settings to private first if you don't want everyone to see your pics. It's really cool! I need to download the Cross Process!