Saturday, August 20, 2011

Typical 4 Day Hair

I get a lot of questions referring to why I go so long between shampoos.

Once I explain that:
1. yes, I do in fact take showers without washing my hair (I'm not gross...),
2. it's mostly to keep my hair from drying out from constant washing, and
3. it takes so flipping long to blow dry

then the next question I get is...
"Well, how in the heck do you DO it?"

Cue cheesy self portraits...

Day 1
Fresh Out of the Shower Blowout
This is the day I will spent the most effort on simply because my hair is so freaking time consuming to dry. I'll even let my hair air dry up to 30 minutes just to cut down the drying time.

 spray Redken Guts Volume Foam in roots
moisturize using Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream on ends
blow dry with Hot Tools blow dryer using a 4 inch round brush
before my hair cools, I use velcro rollers to set face pieces

Day 2 
Maintain What's Left of My Blowout
this day is pretty simple.
I brush out my mane with a paddle brush
it's probably going to be slightly/very wavy from sleep, just depends
tease the roots
small dab of Moroccan Oil Hydrating Cream for ends
that's how I ruined my hair the for the majority of my life...consistent use of heat tools
sometimes I can find that half of my head is wavy while the other side is still straight 
on days like this, I may rock a ponytail or braid to keep it from being too noticeable
...anything to keep me from using my straightener.

Day 3  
Curls, Curls, Curls
Conair 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron
 teasing comb for roots
Freeze It hairspray
The hairspray is not so much for hold but more for shine control

Day 4
Loose "Lauren Conrad" Waves
 hair brush...that's it.
obviously this is my favorite day :)

Shampoo and repeat.

Now some things to chat about - everyone has different hair.
Both my mom and sister wash their hair daily and believe that they have to in order not to have a greasy scalp.
For me, if I wash my hair everyday, I will have to use heat on it every day...and anyone who saw how I fried my hair years ago will tell you not to use heat on your hair. I literally had to cut 2+ inches at every hair appointment for a year just to get it back to being healthy.

So the moral of the story is to try it out.
It may be for you, and may change your whole hair routine.
Or you may cuss me out for even suggesting the idea.
It's whatever.



Christin said...

I love this post :)

aLiCia* said...

Your hair looks fab all 4 days. Maybe you can give me a curling lesson when you do my makeup :)

Erica said...

I think you should do a hair curling vlog... I mean now that you have the capability on your fancy new computer, it would be greatly appreciated :)

Rach said...

I wash my hair once every 3-4 days too. My hair is super thick and wavy and takes soooo long to blow dry. I've found that going longer without washing has made my hair so much healthier and made my life so much easier!