Tuesday, August 30, 2011

White Girl Problems

Would you mind if I take a moment to comment on how many posts I have done on my hair...like geez, do I have anything else to talk about?!?
Guess not...

Anyways, while mingling with a few of my friends, my BFF made a side comment to our buddy, Lindsey, about her hair and how long it has gotten.
That's when she said those three amazing words, "Girl, that's fake."
Soon after I was flooded with memories of my own weave glory days.

Cue dreamy interlude.

Believe it or not, I had permanent hair extensions at one point, and to be honest, I felt like a Kardashian for a short period of time. But eventually I took them out because it was just too much upkeep. Plus my already thick hair felt like a horse tail whenever I stepped out of the shower.
Long hair, don't care...errr, kinda. 
And FYI this was taken during sorority recruitment when we wear bright scrubs for philanthropy night, no big deal.

Soon afterward I saw on a few blogs who shared stories of weave admiration, and the itch for longer hair hit me again. (Granted I have always loved long hair, but I seriously fried it with my hair styling. Gals, short, healthy hair is prettier than stringy, fried hair.)
 Short hair, don't care...nope, that's a lie, I did care. I missed my long locks. 
Oh, and check out the classy natty light in the background...oh the joys of tailgating.

Because of this blog, I even made my own clip in extensions that I wore time to time, and after seeing my pal's awesome locks, I ran home and dug the weave out of storage.

And low and behold, guess what happened.
I clipped those suckers in...and my hair is now the same length as the deadgum extensions.
Crazy how your hair will grow if you don't pay attention to it...

I don't know if I should be ecstatic that all those prenatal vitamins finally took a hit on my hair or pissed that I can no longer wear my weave for extra length.
no extensions...all natural.



M.R. said...

it looks great!


aLiCia* said...

I need a weave! The whole post I was thinking "her hair is long" and then you said that your hair is just as long. It's healthy too. Yay!

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

I rock a weave from time to time too... pageant habits die hard! haha