Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni Madness

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you probably already knew one way or the other that Missoni came out with a line for Target today.
Did y'all end up actually finding anything to buy?
More drastically were you even able to log in to Target.com??

I ended up finding the two pairs of shoes that they featured, a chevron box that I plan to put hair products in and a cute chevron journal.
While at work today I read about tweet after tweet of Targets being flooded with Missoni thirsty women who literally stocked up on this amazing collection. Because the collection was so large, I could understand the large hauls, but fighting over a picture frame? Come on.

Surprisingly enough, my Target experience with the women around me was highly enjoyable and brought a sense of camaraderie. I tried on shoes with no dispute, and pushed our buggies to every aisle together to scope it out. Did I buy 65 candles to sell on eBay? No.
Did get a kick out of watching women go berserk over Target...
Oh yes. 
Yes. Yes. Yes.


Kayley said...

I had an opposite experience! The ladies at my Target were crazy! They all ran in right when the doors opened at 8am and just grabbed a bunch of each thing of the shelves. Then they ran onto the shoe section. Being in my first trimester of pregnancy, I didn't have the energy to fight it out with them. By the time I got to the shoes there was only ONE pair of size 11 boots ... and I got to the shoes within 3 minutes of the doors opening! I even got hit with a cart which wasn't fun. :-) I did manage to come out with a dress, cardigan, and pretty candle though, so I guess it was worth it! I'm glad you got the shoes. They're SO cute!

Christin said...

Cute finds!

Kate said...

I couldn't even check the website, so I was scared to go to the store! Love the stuff you got!