Thursday, October 11, 2012

Here's what you need to know in case you missed it

photo via Studio MJW

Cory and I got married on Saturday..WHAT!
I now live in Alabama and work for Brighton Collectibles as a traveling rep.
 Which I started my first day by flying out to LA for a sales meeting on Monday.
Yep, you followed that right..I started a brand spanking new job a whole 48 hours after getting hitched.
No, we didn't have a honeymoon (not yet at least!), and I just might be crazy.
Right now, I'm in Houston beginning my training. 
And Friday night, I'll be reunited with my husband.
 (gosh, just having the word synonymous with Cory makes me giddy) 

So, let's recap:
Monday..First Day of Work
Friday..HONEY, I'M HOME!! 

In conclusion..yes, I'm crazy.



Christin said...

Beautiful pic! Congratulations.

Rachel said...

Congrats! Love this picture. You look gorgeous. Hope your crazy hectic life settles down and you can enjoy your new husband :)

Robyn May said...

Congratulations on your marriage AND career!! Definitely a week you are sure to never forget!!

southernbellejm said...

you looked so pretty on your wedding day!

ps-i was so glad i got to taste my wedding food and know it was good:)))

are you coming back saturday for the color run?

i'm done now;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats(!!), congrats, congrats and yay for reuniting!! Where in Bama did you move to?!

Courtney Ferry Noland said...

What a crazy but GREAT week! Brighton as in THE Brighton?! That's awesome girl! What a major week of new life changes:)

Valerie Griffin said...

I've LOVED every wedding pic I have seen so far of facebook! Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am getting married, moving and starting a new job all within the next two weeks, too. Knowing there is someone else out there who is doing the same gives me hope!

Glitterista said...

Busy busy busy! Congratulations on your wedding--that picture is adorable. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and get to relax with your new husband! ;)

Britt said...

Congratulations!! You are busy, but all very good things!!

Crissy@ABerrySweetLife said...

Such a beautiful picture! Congrats on your totally new life! So happy for you!

Kristin said...

girl tell us more!