Friday, October 12, 2012

polka dots

Am I the only one who wants a brand new wardrobe when you begin a new job?
Here is one of my newest staples...on the cheap too, my friends.
I want to wear this with everythinggggg.
 Why Target decided to put this blazer hidden in the back racks of the store is beyond me.
Although I do believe that had they had it sectioned up front, I would not be the owner of it as they would have all sold out. That's just my kinda luck.
The print obviously drew me in. I'm in love with polka dots. 
And the $24 price tag didn't hurt either. 

I would take photos and show you but dropping my phone in water has turned my camera into crap. 
(Reminder: get new phone.)
Just take my word for it and go get it. 
It comes in turquoise and a basic black as well. 



Emily said...

Girl, you are not alone! I went crazy when I got my first paycheck to buy a new wardrobe for my new job. haha.

I'm obsessed with polka dots, soo I'm now totally jealous of that blazer!

Valerie Griffin said...

super cute!

Crissy@ABerrySweetLife said...

Very cute! I'm loving polka dots too!

Delta Daisies said...