Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Drug Goes Instant

Just when I couldn't think Starbucks could get any better - it did.

Starbucks just introduced their new line of VIA Ready Brew (i.e. instant coffee). Besides the fact that most populated towns and cities have a Starbucks commonly across the street from yet another Starbucks, now coffee junkies can have their quick fix in the time it takes to microwave a cup of water. Coming in two flavors, Colombia and Italian Roast, Starbucks produces three-serving pouches for a sweet $2.95 each.

Even better is the fact that the writers at Fast Company tried and tested the VIA against its freshly brewed Starbucks counterpart and another instant coffee to beat both in a blind taste test.

The packaging is even charming too. And for a person like myself, I would buy anything if I thought it looked cute.

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