Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama as a brand?

Ok, so my political views aside, I find the article for the Fast Company's Top 50 naming " #1 Team Obama" quite interesting.

The article states,
"The community that elected Obama raised more money, held more events, made more phone calls, shared more videos, and offered more policy suggestions than any in history. It also delivered more votes."

Of course that would be true, but as the media shouldn't we put in the record the pitfalls that Obama took action in? We all know this was an election for the record books, but how much more money did Obama raise? How many more events did Obama attend? How many more videos did his campaign produce? We can obviously look at the facts and figures in the case that Obama did receive more votes, but really, we count the simple actions too?

Cut the other guy some slack. He wasn't just a sitting duck in this Presidential election.

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