Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twitter: Cool or Just Creepy?

So, I finally took the plunge and joined Twitter. From what I hear, it's the new Facebook, as Facebook was once referred to as the new Myspace. As I eagerly awaited the approval of my name and email, I was directed to a page that asked one, simple question: What are you doing? I replied with a short response, and then......nothing. Nothing happened.

So, is this it? Do I have to add so many "friends" on this thing before I'm allowed to gain more access? Nope. I just watch my measly status just flutter through cyber space and wonder why someone would actually use this.

Actually, being a college student, I could think of thousands of reasons why someone would find this appealing. Wondering what your BFF is up to? Twitter's got your back. Curious to see if your professor is doing anything fun? Twitter's got your back. Can't get over your ex and heard through the grape vine that he is dating someone who hate and now you want to stalk him? Yes, Twitter's also got your back.

UPDATE: I am in LOVE with Twitter now! I'm inserting my foot (or should I say keyboard??) in mouth as I speak. It really is addictive and comfortingly non-creepy as everyone says it is. Follow me at

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