Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hilarity of the Day

Soon after posting my need for some FiveFingers shoes the other day, I get an email from my very sassy Aunt (she's really my cousin but for the sake of our age difference I refer to her as my aunt  to people not willing to understand how I can have a cousin much older than me) Cheryl, and it went something like this:

Subject: Your Blog...
Well, I thought I’d take a second and glance at your blog…. Hmm… what do I see?  I see some really ugly ass shoes!! 

Vibrams Five Fingers – c’mon girl… you are way too young to be looking for comfort already… women your age are supposed to go for looks, style, class – and so what if they kill your feet!!!  They look sassy!  NOW, someone my age… these would be a maybe.  Although, I supposed you could get away with it since you are in your 20’s and everyone expects you to wear weird stuff.  In any event, get them, wear them and come over so I can make fun of you!!!  Love, Cheryl
p.s. Buy your ugly ass shoes…. if you like them.  Besides, with your looks and figure – they’ll look good on you!

Love, Cheryl

Reason # 137 why I love my family.


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