Sunday, May 23, 2010

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, 4, 8,15,16, 23, 42

Tonight my utmost favorite show ran it's final episode.
I really did not want it to end (I mean, I have devoted a whole 6 years to watching it), but I was happy to finally see how the show came full circle.

And if anyone should receive an award for The Total Most Awesome, Complex, Love Him/ Hate Him/Then Love Him Again/Now He Just Confuses Me Actor Award, it should be this guy.

And I will say this after watching the finale, the show was ended beautifully. I would highly recommend to anyone who has never watched Lost, started watching it and stopped, or never thought the show would be worth it, to go out and find your nearest copy. 
It definitely does not disappoint. 

What I'll Miss the Most:
- Sawyer's quick wit sayings
- The hidden eggs in every episode
- The amazing storytelling flashbacks
- Locke's way of comforting someone with his easy-going grin

Now...what will I watch now???

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tickledpink said...

I am such a nerd that I started watching it again while I was eating dinner! Did you read the E! Lost Redux? The questions I still had are now cleared up. I am really sad it's over. What will we watch? Don't forget Glee tomorrow is Lady Gaga! Hope you have a good night!:)