Sunday, July 31, 2011

Once you go Mac, you don't go back

I'm now the proud owner of this baby. 
(Thank you, sweet Erica, for getting me one heck of a deal!)
Yeah, I might be late in the game but, good Lord, I finally have one!
Goodbye janky two piece laptop proptop!
Hello more vlogs and postings!



Megan said...

It's true, you will hate all PC's forever! Congratulations :)

Erica said...

So glad it worked out so well for the both of us :) Even though I know you were secretly trying to run off without paying the rest of the money Thursday ;) hahahaha! Yay for Macs :)

Sydney-Alyse said...

I just got a great deal on a new macbook air. It changes your whole life. Now if I could just find a cute case....