Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stop. Take a Breath.

Sometimes I feel as though I go through my whole day in a complete rush.
Wake up, put on makeup, scramble together an outfit, go to work, get off, sometimes workout, feed my tv addiciton, go to bed, repeat.
The flash of a day can make me feel beat up.
That's why I have small gestures to remind myself of my blessed life, as simple as they may be.

Make a genuine act of kindness. Engage someone in conversation. Open a door. Give a smile. Make time for someone else.Say please and thank you. Nothing makes my day brighter than seeing people go by the Golden Rule.

Go to bed early. Sounds silly being that I'm only 24 going on 85 but if I can slip into an early night's rest, I will have my batteries fully charged like I was a 4 year old again.

Tell someone you love them. I tell my boyfriend and my family I love them at the end of every phone call, but those words can get lost in the routine of conversation. Instead I try to tell them something random that makes me love them when the moments right.

Eat desert. I like to eat mine first.

Take a day for yourself. We all deserve one.

and last but not least

Show Appreciation. In the big things. In the small things. In all things. Share it with others.



AVY said...

I wish more people would do this.

/ Avy

Kas said...

This is a really great message! I just found your blog today and I've subscribed :) Xx