Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weekday Happies

The little things helping me make it through my week.

My lovely, new gold chain bracelet from Anthropologie.
Totally vamping up my collection.
helping a dear friend with her amazing business of pretty paper
Rebecca is not only amazing at her craft, but she is also a complete peach in conversation.
If you want to check out her website, it's called Three By Me.

and Tiger basketball is back!
The first exhibition game was last night. And we won. By 52 points. NBD.
T. I. G. E. R. S.


Cassie said...

I LOVE that gold bracelet! I'm obsessed with gold jewelry!!!

aLiCia* said...

I want to come hang out with you & Rebecca!!! The reason I haven't let you know about next week is because we're trying to get pics taken and I'm trying to work around my husband's ridiculous schedule. I'll keep you posted!

ThreeByMe said...

We need girls night soon!! Whitney, you rock by the way! Thanks for posting the programs!!