Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weekday Happies

Small things that make me smile through the week...

Target busted out their holiday corner.
My favorite part of pre Christmas shopping is choosing the paper I'm going to wrap the gifts in!

I made some purchases for my hair arsenal.
Nexus Pro-Mend Split End Repair
This came as a recommendation from a coworker, 
and it really does wonders to my ends...considering I haven't had a trim in 5 months.
But what sold me - it smells awesome too.
Macadamia Oil Conditioner
I saw Think Classy talking about this on twitter, but have yet to try it.
I used tissue paper when in a pinch to wrap a present 
with spare yarn for homemade tassels and the tissue scraps to make the pom pom.
and my best friend from high school unveiled her new photography website this week!
Amelia with Studio Milly Jean Weakleg is such a talent, 
and I can't wait to use her services on my big day, that is. 



Dayna Leigh said...

I use the Promend and like it a lot!

& I LOVE your idea for wrapping! Unique and pretty!

Stesha said...

I cant believe the holidays are almost here and christmas paper is out!!! ahhh!!!

Classic & Bubbly

Leslie said...

Love all of your happies! I'm excited about Christmas wrapping paper too. :)