Wednesday, June 26, 2013

weekday happiness

Curious to see how long my hair has gotten, I spent a full hour doing a professional blowout this past weekend (see also: I didn't use my flat iron.), and holy moly, I was reminded why I no longer wear my hair straight.

This week kicked off week four in the whole "traveling Monday-Friday" gig. I'm unsure of how long this will last, and how my mind will take it, but I'm still maintaining a positive spirit about the whole thing. Thank God for Starbucks, NPR, and Spotify to keep me from completely losing it on the open road. And not to mention my family and friends to let me talking on the phone with them for hours on end.

My sister got me hooked on these Dole salad kits. My favorite is called Endless Summer and is only 150 calories a serving. Not too shabby! There are also an Asian Crunch kit and a Southwestern kit that are equally good. 

The trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street came out, and I've seriously watched this thing way more than I should admit. Oh, Leo, you can do no wrong. No date set for it's release, but you'll know where to find me when it does.

I also narrowly entered this fabulous giveaway by Ashley Brooke Designs. And you can to! The contest ends tonight, so hurry up!

Anything new going on in your neck of the woods? 

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