Monday, July 8, 2013

beauty review: benefit stay flawless primer

I decided our Fourth of July festivities was the best time to put the new Benefit Stay Flawless primer to the test. Granted, I'm not one to necessarily believe in the benefits of a primer, but to be honest, how could I refuse this adorable packaging promising me 15 hours of stay put power? Yes, I bought it partially because of the packaging..true story.

While I've read different interpretations, I found that this balm can dry quickly, and it's best to rub it on in sections, using the stick and not your fingers, and then immediately apply your foundation. That way your foundation mixes with the tacky balm and locks it into place.

I have to say, after about three hours walking the streets of downtown Memphis in 90 degree heat, it held up pretty nice. We went back inside to cool off a bit and change, and I added a bit of my NYX powder to touch up before dinner. After that I was good to go for the rest of the night.

right before dinner with my fav dude, Cory

And here's my official summer makeup routine. I like that it's a light BB cream that gives me the coverage I need, a powder that isn't caking on my face, and a primer that keeps it all from budging. (Side note: I noticed my BB cream is getting a little dark now that I'm loosing my Memorial Day tan. Right now, I'm mixing it with a little of my lighter foundations to make a perfect match.)

To get the info on the other two products, check them out in my top ten here. Do y'all have a summer makeup routine that you're loving right now? Let me know if I'm missing out on something! :)
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Allyse Anderson said...

I've never used a primer before but you just convinced me to try! I probably would have bought it off the shelf from the packaging too. So so cute. That picture of you and Cory is precious and your skin looks flawless!

Meet the Magnolias said...

I defintely would have been a sucker for the packaging! Also, I loved the Garnier BB cream, but I felt like it was too dark for my skin. I tried the Olay BB cream, and I'm such a fan! Maybe give that one a try!

Also, I just found your blog last week! So glad to be following! I used to live outside Memphis, too!

MaryJane said...

Your makeup looks so pretty! I only use a primer for events or when I know I'm going to be photographed a lot. I should probably use it more often. And yes-- that packaging is adorable!

emilyvannah said...

I really need to try the garnier BB cream. I love the Skin79 one but it would be nice to just be able to run into Target and be able to buy it.