Wednesday, July 3, 2013

seeing red

I am in desperate need of a hair makeover. It's not curling like it used to, the ombre is pretty much nonexistent, and it's just downright boring. Some days I want bangs, other sweaty, summer days I'm thankful I don't have them. I'm also that crazy girl who views her hair as a safety blanket, and will never cut major inches off for the summer. 

While I already know I need some serious layers to get my curls back to bouncing, I've also been obsessing with the idea of going red... not RED red, but more auburn, reddish/brown. Or maybe I just want to become Emma Stone, who can virtually wear her hair whatever color she wants.

Any of y'all having the same hair woes as me? Or have you had a hair change recently?
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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Omg! Feeling that way too. I was just discussing with my mom today about getting my hair colored. I went to the salon last week and the stylist wanted to color my hair mocha. As for the haircuts. I'm with you too. A few months back I went to have my hair trimmed. I asked for it to be trimmed just an inch and that was it... I left the salon in tears! The stylist chopped off 5 inches! He said I had split ends and my hair needed it! =( Never again will I return to that salon!

Gi said...

Gahhh I totally understand!
My hair is so super duper slow growing that I am far farrr to anxious about getting a trim or layers. A inch at the hair dressers is more like 5 inches, they always take too much length off.
I have the biggest girl crush on Emma Stone I swear she can do any color hair she wants, did you see her blonde for spider man gahhh super jealous. I tried dying my hair red lets just say I won't be trying that again for a while!!
Love your blog by the way :)
Have a great week.
Love Gi

Allyse Anderson said...

I'm currently going through the whole.. I just got married and need a new hair do phase. I feel ya sister! Be brave and do it! You will look gorg no matter what you do!