Thursday, January 28, 2010

Barbie: Not My Generation's Doll Anymore

Is it bad that I might be slightly jealous of the generation that gets to play with these new "Barbie Basics" dolls? I'm already waiting for the day when my soon to be three-year-old niece will find fascination with the toy. And what's even better is that today's doll comes with a huge arrange of fashion accessories. And it's always been my theory to teach them proper accessory techniques while they're still young.

In honor of Mattel's new launch of "Barbie Basic" dolls, 12 CFDA designers dressed Barbie in their designer duds to be auctioned off on Ebay. All proceeds will go toward the CFDA Foundation funding the organizations scholastic and educational programs. To bid on Ebay starting January 28 at 10 pm EST click here.

In any case, my answer is yes, the seven-year-old still stuck inside me would be jealous of the little girl or creepy Barbie collector who gets to play with these dolls. Or maybe it's my adult self that is jealous of the Barbies themselves for the beautiful clothes...

Either way, I would like to say thanks to Glamor Style and a favorite blog of mine, Pretty Lil' Things, for being able to bring you my three favorites. 

The Kate Spade Barbie

The Tory Burch Barbie

And the ever playful Betsey Johnson Barbie



Risley said...

um, I might want the Tory Burch Barbie!! lol

Calling_Rhonda said...

I want those too! These girls are going to be 100% caught up with today's fashion. I am jealous!

Kristin said...

That Betsey Johnson Barbie is beyond fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I love Barbies to, its not the "playing" i love, just the dressing up, and is miniture design that is controlled by you! thats why its so great!!!