Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warm Weather Wishes

I may bite my tongue later for saying this, but I'm wishing for some warmer weather right about now. As much as I dispise the cold like the next Southern girl, it's much easier upkeep during the winter to just hide layer behind my Patagonia and Uggs. As soon as a warm breeze blows through Mississippi, I'm instantly going to want a tanned, tone physique along with perfectly pedicured toes a bright shade of coral (hey, we can all wish).

Here's some of the things that are my influence for the perfect summer look:

Clockwise from Left: Tibi Maxi dress, Forever 21 bracelets, J. Crew top, J. Crew Skimmer pants, Tory Burch sandals, Mui Mui Gathered Leather Tote

I'm also in love with theTory Burch "Safo" tunic dress and a pair of her awesome Revas.

warm wishes to you,


Brittany said...

Agh! I'm so ready for warm weather too! I don't do well with the cold!

Risley said...

I love anything Tory Burch!! very cute photos!!

elledee said...

oo I love that Tibi Maxi dress, I can't wait for spring!